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Step by Step Online Registration Guide

This page will guide you through the steps involve for the online registration.

  1. Available only to Valuer or Estate Agent and Government Agency.
  2. Subscriber can register under the Online Registration link at the menu.
  3. Only subscriber is able to register online. For Data provider and NAPIC users, please contact administrator for account creation.
  4. Username must be provided in minimum of 4 alphanumeric characters.
  5. Password must be minimum of 6 characters.
  6. Due to verification purpose, the captcha is case-sensitive.
  7. It is advisable to provide the full name based on IC.
  8. For Malaysian citizen, please provide IC number. For non Malaysians, no identification number is required.
  9. The online registration cater for 2 groups of subscriber. Each group is required to provide information as below:
    • Valuer Or Estate Agent
      1. Current Organization Name
      2. Organization Number
      3. Valuer/Estate Agent Registration Number
    • Government Agency
      1. Government Department
      2. Official Letter (As an attachment)
  10. An email notification will be sent for email address validation upon submission. Therefore it is important to make sure that the email address is entered correctly.
  11. Registration will be under pending approval for validation and this process would take up to 3 working days.
  12. For rejected application, a notification email will be sent and re-registration might require if necessary.
  13. For successful application, a notification email will be sent too.
  14. Registered user may login and view or modify necessary changes after NAPIC approval.
  15. Should a registered user forgotten his/her password, it can be retrieve from the Forgot Password link under Online Registration.