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Phuoc Son mobile awning in Da Nang

The roofs to cover the sun and rain, using Japanese-made components and canvas, are priced at 150,000 VND / 1m2. Phuoc Son is also one of the most prestigious providers of installation services. Taking quality products and customers' trust as the goal to strive for, the Da Nang folding roof always dedicates its full attention to each product.
Besides, awnings are also popularly used in locations of cafes, bars, restaurants ... bringing a lot of convenience to customers. The only difference is: the movable awning has extra arms to lift the entire roof so it faces outwards rather than dropping like a sunshade. Awning tent is designed with iron and canvas structure, iron built into pillars and frames to hang the mobile tarpaulin, with hanging troughs and movable bearings, very smooth and gentle when rolled or expanded.
Pulled roof is a type of outdoor rain and sun roof, installed in many locations, does not occupy ground, get in the way of business, travel activities.Working for cafes, bars, cafes, restaurants, garden, fair, big space, aesthetic houses for every place ... Danang porch is also very much used in public events or parties, fairs, exhibitions, music programs, opening ceremonies, ... Danang veranda is often seen, used and installed in places such as restaurants, restaurants, cafes.
High mobility and flexibility: The first thing to mention, of course, is that the feature is very flexible in the way it moves, the mobility is very high, the location is easily changed, giving the space to be used as well. more dynamic and flexible. The toad cafes in Da Nang are attractive places that businessmen, workers and students often choose to relax and entertain. In the rainy season, the mobile roof of Danang is the perfect choice to withstand the best weather.
Danang mobile roof for high-end restaurants. During many years, Phuoc Son Roofing Unit in Da Nang has distributed and constructed many prestigious, quality roofing products at affordable prices which have been well received and gradually shown by the market. gain a firm foothold in the market. For the correct price of mobile awnings in Danang please contact:

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